Broken collarbone x-rays

Unfortunately for my coworker, Stan, his collarbone didn’t fare too well following his tumble from a bicycle.  I saw his arm in a sling a couple weeks ago and knew exactly what was wrong.  He’s an avid cyclist and I know that broken collarbones are all too familiar in the cycling world.

It’s common for clavicles to break when people absorb a fall with their outstretched hand.  The force of impact transferred to the collarbone is too much for it to take.  Falling from a bike is particularly rough because there is a bicycle between your legs impeding your most direct route to the ground.  Your torso has to tip over like a falling tree rather than like  a collapsing building.

Stan’s doctor recommended screw and plate mending of his collarbone.  The way the bone fractured did not lend itself well to good re-alignment on its own.  Some broken clavicles are left to heal without titanium hardware, though.  Doctor’s discretion in some cases.  If you ask me, I’d rather have the screw and plate, but I’d make sure the surgeon uses the right screw length!

broken collarbone
broken collarbone

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  2. Why are the screws so long!?!?

  3. Doc didn’t want to make another trip to the hardware store?

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