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Twenty-five dollars off a $139.99 pair of shoes still doesn’t make them very affordable.  After the clerk applied the coupon, my new Asics GEL-Kayano 15’s set me back $124.76.  When I got home I checked the see if the aglets were plated in gold.  They weren’t.  I also looked for an integrated GPS.  Not there.  I guess I’m going to have to put a few miles on these things to find out why they cost more than my monthly grocery bill.

I’m retiring a satisfying pair of Nike Air Zoom Structure Triax 11 (or something like that).  Before that I ran in Asics GEL-Kahana.  I going back to Asics and I’m excited about it.  Asics remains the go-to brand for high quality and reliable running shoes.  On this shopping trip, the Kayano’s narrowly edged out the Asics GT-2140’s.  I felt the 2140’s had better arch support, but the Kayano’s fit my foot much better over the entire length, especially the heel.  In fact, the enclosure around the heel is what finally sold me on these budget-busters.

For those interested, the coupon for $25 off is from Sports Authority and is good through March 28.  Now, don’t expect any expert running shoe advice at Sports Authority.  They’re a sporting goods store.  They may help you find your size, but probably won’t analyze your gait.  For that, you’ll have to visit a real running shoe store – where the shoes point left.

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2 Responses to “Back to (b)Asics”

  1. i hope you like the kayano’s. i’ve been wearing them for the last 4 years and i LOVE them. they may not be for everyone, but i have tried other models and other brands and i come back to these. i currently own about 8 pairs of kayano’s. i am going to take a picture of that…. oh, but i left a pair in jordan. so now i only have 7.

  2. After 8 months, I’d have to say these shoes were okay. I would not buy them again. The toe box in these Asics Kayano’s is just too big for my foot. Everything from the back of my heel to the middle of my foot was snug and comfortable. But, from the middle forward to the toes, my foot slid around too much while running. I could lace them up snugger, but you know how that goes… then you start misshaping the shoe and you get tights spots and loose spots.
    Oh well, good shoes for some people, just not me. I’m going back to the Nike Air Zoom Structure Triax 11.

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