Leadville 100 lottery: How I got in

I attempted to enter the Leadville 100 MTB race last year, but my number wasn’t pulled.  I volunteered in 2010, validated my volunteer time, and mailed it in with my lottery registration for 2011.  This year, I’m in!

Does volunteering guarantee you an entry the following year?  The official LT100 response is that volunteering, “will provide you with preference in next year’s lottery.  The more hours you help, the more preference you receive.”

That doesn’t exactly sound like a guarantee.  I volunteered 3-1/2 hours of my time loading trucks with supplies for the remote aid stations.  It was all I could offer having come from Chicago to crew from my brother on a quick weekend trip.  There were many others that worked much longer.  I was happy to help whether I got into the race or not.  I met some really great people… some of the volunteers were even racing the next day.

My entry notification just arrived today with an email confirming that my credit card was charged the full race amount (as was explained when I registered in the lottery.)  A bit of a spoiler if you ask me.  Two and a half hours later came the congratulatory email from the race director and staff:

Dear Leadville Race Series Family,
Congratulations! Your entry into the 2011 Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race is confirmed. Get ready to “Dig Deep” and challenge yourself to an amazing race experience. St Kevin’s, Pipeline, Powerline, Twin Lakes, and Columbine Mine are all here and waiting to challenge you.

The next step is to get ready, and CTS coaching, camps and race-day support are proven to increase the probability you’ll achieve your LT100 goals. From March 1 through 10am MST on March 10, you can register for the online CTS LT100 Lottery for a spot at one of our five LT100 Camps or our LT100 Ultimate Coaching Packages. Visit www.trainright.com/LT100 for details and registration, or call 866-355-0645 with questions. Let us help you have your best Leadville experience ever!

Thinking of a training race? Consider entering the Silver Rush 50 MTB in July. This tough and challenging race experience is at altitude and is located in Leadville’s historic east side mining district. We also have the 12/24 Hours of Leadville race in September, for solo riders or teams. You can find more information about these and our other events at leadvilletrail100.com. Also, the Race Across the Sky 2010 DVD will be available through our online store in mid-March. Watching it is a great way to get charged up about your race this year!

As always, we need and welcome volunteers for our mountain bike and running events. Whether you will be traveling with your own crew or plan on arriving early or staying later, it is very rewarding to help other racers achieve their goals. Please consider volunteering!

The Leadville Race Series team is dedicated to working hard to make the Race Across the Sky 2011, the best ever. We look forward to seeing you at the start line…and the finish line!

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